work station aspirations

The cards have been dealt, and I have come to terms with the fact that a majority of my skills exist in this 13” screen. While the physical abilities of others have them out in the real world, breathing in some fresh air, I patter away in a temperature-controlled room. I probably spend over half of my waking day in front of my computer, and while it’s easy to focus on the info and media from around the world that visually assaults a webizen, I want to focus on the middle point between the digital/physical world: your work station.


If a cluttered work space alludes to a chaotic mind, how does a crisp white desk overlooking a Copenhagen port reflect the person sitting at it? Just as others may stare at a Benz for inspiration, the following pictures are of desirous spaces to motivate me. I look forward to a time where my overly-digitalized work can manifest in a tranquil space like any of these houses--all I need is a wall outlet & some WI-FI.

A set-up for those who are in the midst of expanding their Tuscan vineyard.

*enjoys low-fat egg-white omelette while launching 4K video drone from courtyard.

This spot just radiates optimism. I could write a kids book here.

Looks comfy, I like the angles.

*neo-Americana fireplace & bear rug not shown

A perk of living on a houseboat in Copenhagen: swan dive into the marina if too much emailing has you heated.

The person who calls this space home scoffs at your inability to discern between their 6 swatches of “burnt charcoal”.